Get Started

How to register

To start investment process and cooperation with the, it is necessary to make the registration. It will take from you only some minutes. Click the "Registration" button and follow simple instructions. Now you became the member and from now you can start investment process and cooperation with the For this purpose you can use the several investment plans. Each investment plan provides a certain profitability and you can choose any investment plan from all of them, based on your own choice&opinion.

How to make a deposit

To make a deposit, you need login into the your account. For this purpose use username and password which have been created by you at registration.

Then click the "Make Deposit" button. In the opened list of investment plans select plan on which you want to put your money. Type amount which you want to invest in the corresponding column. Check for compliance the amount which you want to invest with the acceptable range of amounts on the investment plan which have been chosen by you. Choose the payment processor by using which you intend to put your money. Confirm your choice. Having confirmed the choice, the system will automatically redirect you on the website of the payment processor which chosen by you. There you follow instructions of this payment processor and confirm your transaction. Upon termination of this procedure you will be again redirected to the website. To check the successfulness of money adding, click the "My Deposits" button in your account. There you will see the your deposit status and dates, which are show when this deposit has been made, and the term of expiration of this deposit too. Some deposits, which have been made by Bitcoin, can will take some time that to become an active. You have to take to your account this feature of Bitcoin payment processor. All other payment processors are work in the full automatic mode with respect to activation of your deposits.

How to withdraw money

To create request for funds withdrawal you need login into the your account and there click the "Withdraw" button. Further you type in the corresponding column the available amount for withdraw and confirm your funds withdrawal request. After request approval your funds will be transferred within 48 hours to your e-wallet.

You have to take to the attention, that you can withdraw any funds, which are available for withdrawal by using only same currency, which you was used at the deposit making.

As you can understood already, you have not to do any difficult steps in order to become our customer. Just do it and enjoy clear and professional collaboration with the company. Everything else we shall make in the best possible way for You!